Partnership for Education

Partnership for Education


Partnership for Education provides therapeutic services to children with disabilities and/or developmental delays and their families.

We operate on the belief that providers of services should work in partnership with the family and caregivers of the child, and in partnership with other professionals the child encounters to ensure the best services.

We believe that services should encompass the newest research on brain development and its direct implications for how children with disabilities learn to help mitigate a child’s disabilities and/or developmental delays.

Our services include physical therapy, occupational therapy,  speech/language therapy, social work, psychological counseling, and special educational instruction. Some services are available in Spanish.

About Our Director

Claudia L. Stedge is a highly talented administrator who has spent the last 20+ years working with young children with disabilities and their families. Her latest endeavor has been as the co-owner and primary operator of Family and Educational Consultants LLC DBA Partnership for Education (“Partnership”). Since the beginning of the agency, Ms. Stedge has been the principal conductor of the philosophy and business practices that guide the program. Ms. Stedge strives to provide the best educational opportunities and mentoring to all throughout the program. Ms. Stedge has a Master’s Degree from Columbia University in Social Work, a Master’s Degree from Bank Street College of Education, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Delaware in Education. She is a Licensed Social Worker and has permanent New York State certifications in Special Education, School Social Work, School Administrator/Supervisor, and Teacher for Nursery, Kindergarten, and 1-6 grade.

Before beginning Partnership in 1998, she held various positions including working as a public school social worker with the Astor Home and as both the head teacher and director of The Starting Place in Hudson New York. As a social worker and a special educator, Ms. Stedge focused her work on children with Autism and later on children with mental illness.

1 to 1 Services

We offer a variety of 1 to 1 services and have adapted our approach to maintain safety during COVID-19

Activities Ideas

Activities and games that you can play at home to support your child’s development


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Partnership for Education
16 Lucas Avenue, Suite 201, Kingston NY 12401

Director: Claudia L. Stedge, LMSW, M.ed, SAS
Phone: (845) 514-2094    Fax: (845) 514-2077

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